Leadership with a Worldview

The Northwood MSOL program focuses on people and organizational issues to create better leaders to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Intended for students already working in a career, degree programs like the MSOL are in increasing demand by organizations seeking to maintain a competitive advantage.

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Students who successfully complete the Northwood MSOL program will prove themselves exceptional in these skillsets:


A competent practitioner in the leadership process with demonstrable working knowledge of:

  • Ethical Leadership Process & Practice

  • Individual and organizational behavior

  • Planning, critical thinking and decision-making



A competent practitioner of effective communication with a demonstrable knowledge of:

  • Individual and organizational communication concepts and practices

  • Appropriate and skillful use of verbal and written communication

  • Active listening, effective negotiation and presentation skills


A competent practitioner of measurement with a demonstrable working knowledge of:

  • Collecting, reporting, analyzing and evaluating data

  • Individual/organizational and financial measurement practices

  • Performing assessment and evaluation



A competent practitioner and user of technology & innovative practice with a demonstrable working knowledge of:

  • The relationship of innovation and technology

  • Application of innovation & technology for individual organizational effectiveness

  • Application of current resources and recognition of emerging trends


A competent practitioner and facilitator of organizational effectiveness with a demonstrable working knowledge of:

  • Concepts and practice organizational behavior and development

  • Foundations of organizational history, philosophy

  • Organizational transformation practices and emerging trends