The DeVos Difference

What can you expect to gain from our graduate programs?

Critical Thinking

Demonstrating a keen ability to gather and assess relevant information, students will raise vital questions and problems with faculty and one another, and use reasoning to come to conclusions that can be tested against relevant criteria, working with others to solve complex problems.

Business Acumen

Students will gain a deep understanding of strategic, tactical and operational actions across business functions, and demonstrate how to asses and improve their own organizations through changes in processes, structures and performance evaluation.


Global Free Enterprise Perspective

Promoting the diversity of experience and thought in human interaction is a cornerstone of free market philosophy, and students will assess the importance of individual initiative and personal responsibility as fundamental characteristics for personal success

Personal Effectiveness

Self-assessment is critical part of personal growth, and successful students will learn to openly explore new ideas from a variety of perspectives and demonstrate a commitment to the success of others through empathy and respect.